Legal Compliance

We help employers to avoid inadvertently falling foul of employment law – particularly the disability provision of the Equality Act, 2010. We also carefully consider what workplace adjustments might be needed and make cost-considered recommendations. Health & safety and employment law is at the front of the mind at all our assessments. We encourage early, detailed assessments where managers anticipate legal challenge so that we can define and record whether – for example the stress led to the poor performance or the poor performance to the stress – with all its legal implications. Other areas of legal compliance include COSHH, noise, vibration, asbestos and lead exposure. We are happy to work with Human Resources and Legal Advisors in determining whether legislation is likely to be relevant and how the company can most cost-effectively support an employee. Finally, by keeping detailed records of consultations we can evidence what employees have stated as well as evidencing their physical status. This can be invaluable in defending a claim – and often results in spurious claims being withdrawn.