Occupational Health and Wellbeing services openly available to ALL stakeholders, with easy and immediate access to referrals - enhancing employee health, workforce productivity, and business performance.


Improving Health

Fostering a healthier workforce yields substantial long-term benefits, positively impacting operational efficiency, overall organizational success, and employee satisfaction. By prioritizing health, it cultivates a happier more efficient workforce, minimizes risks, lowers healthcare costs, and contributes to a more sustainable and successful workplace.

Optimising Performance

A compelling value proposition safeguarding employees improves performance by lowering absenteeism through preventive care, reducing work injuries/illnesses, addressing work-related health issues promptly, minimising workplace hazards, and offering support for physical and mental health which fosters a healthier, more engaged workforce that contributes positively to boosting productivity.

Enhancing Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing benefits both employees and employers by improving morale, increasing job satisfaction, improving resilience, and fostering a positive work culture. Employees experience better mental health, engagement, and retention, while companies gain improved productivity, demonstrable ROI and a competitive edge.

Business Health

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Is transforming how traditional Occupational Health and Wellbeing services are being delivered across the United Kingdom and internationally. Gone are the difficulties finding a provider to arrange a referral, gone are the long waits for appointments, gone are the visits to a clinic, the hassle of parking, and loss of work and personal time. Gone are the long waiting times for medical reports. Gone are the days of being passed between various individuals for a singular consultation.

Doctor writing


  • Virtual consultations
  • Immediate delivery of medical report within 1 hour of consultation
  • Appointments within 24 hours & a single point of contact
  • Pre-consultation telephone briefings
  • 24/7 access to our Occupational Health Physicians for any queries, concerns, and report clarifications
  • Special focus on ‘fast-tracked access’ for SME’s, civil services and those one-off referrals


  • International consultations available
  • Republic of Ireland referrals available
  • Direct onwards referral to mental health rehabilitation services (virtual or face-to face), anywhere in the UK
  • Direct onwards referral to Physiotherapy, musculoskeletal or rehabilitation services (face-to face), anywhere in the UK, if approved by referring manager/company
  • Access to wellbeing services
  • Access to wellbeing and mental health training courses for individuals, groups and entire companies

Occupational Health Testimonials

Good doctor, good decisions and no nonsense advice. Always available for queries; dependable and open. A real asset.

Delphi Diesel SystemsHR Director

Dr Dickson has a refreshingly clear view of what companies need but really helps employees at the same time – highly recommended.

Pets Menu Ltd.Director

I just wanted to let you know that ‘X’, returned to work yesterday. He was very complimentary about your involvement.

Multinational in Glos.Manager